We focus on presenting competitive and integrated solutions, developed for sustainability and maximizing costumers resources. RNM Group invests in close to customer services which enable an effective and dynamic response, adapted to each industrial context in terms of distribution, logistics and transportation. Challenge us and see the flexibility of the RNM Group!

Goods storage

With licensed infrastructure for industrial development and strong know-how in the chemical sector, we have a large storage capacity of solid and liquid at strategic points of the Iberian Peninsula.


Through the RNM Chemical Transport group company, specialized in the handling of dangerous goods, a growing fleet equipped with the latest technologies, responds with road, rail and sea transport solutions.



Combining the know-how of chemical logistics with an excellent service (occasional or regular), tailored to the customers’ needs, led to the RNN Logistics which brings a strong investment in flexible infrastructure, providing the most diverse logistics solutions.


Formulations, dilutions and blends as required

Focused on the client and on the appropriate needs of each industrial context, we respond with a specialized know-how in terms of laboratory, to develop formulations, dilutions and mixtures as required as well as validation of the technical requirements presented.


Development of Tailor-Made new products

With a laboratory team focused on answering oriented solutions for each industrial reality, tailor-made solutions ​​include laboratory tests, diversity of samples and close contact with the customer in order to meet the ideal response to assist the development of the process in which the product will be part.


Chemical analysis

Our specialized laboratory provides a continuous and close customer support with efficient response in the validation and monitoring of the technical parameters of each chemical product.


Telemetry / Stocks management

With remote management of stocks, your solutions are managed daily by the RNM group, by carefully controlling the supply levels, allowing efficient management of your needs and avoiding abrupt disruptions, through continuous monitoring of tank levels and integral management of tanks.


Packaging as required

We respond to every request with the best solution to the customer's reality through packaging as required, complying with the stringent criteria of safety for which the RNM Group is governed, in developing its activities.


Industrial infrastructures, in continuous work, with technical capacity for the development of color concentrates and additives (masterbatch) for the plastic processing industry and also production of anionic surfactants for detergents, personal care and cosmetics industries. 
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