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The Group strategy
The guarantee of transparency, rigor and maximum security and reliability in all services available to their customers, are achieved through the judicious development of three vectors that are part of our business strategy and that are fundamental for the RNM Group:
Strong synergies between suppliers and customers
Strong alliances between the major producers in the chemical sector and customers, allow a high level of competitiveness, allied to the integrated solutions, technical support distribution, logistics and transport of chemical products.
Respect for the environment and security of all employees
Respect for the future, for the environment and security of all the actors involved in the processes of Group RNM, allow a sustainable development, through strict  compliance with all the rules and legal procedures required for the chemical sector.
Total Quality
Certified by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, the RNM Group companies have an Integrated System of Management of Quality, Environment and Safety. This system of total quality, in all its processes and resources, allows their products and services are to maximum level, ensuring the customer all the rigor and seriousness.
We are betting on the future, with a continuous investment in infrastructures in Iberia, technology and qualified professionals that will allow us to develop our Strategic Plan, with integrated, competitive solutions concerning the distribution, logistics, transport and innovation in chemical products.
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