Working at RNM

The RNM Group are driven by the commitment to develop integrated solutions for the chemical industry for the benefit of our customers, enabling us, together with these 
actors, grow in terms of sustainability, efficiency and new methodologies. Working in the RNM Group is pursuing this same goal, being guided by professionalism, rigor, conduct, ethics and transparency that make the RNM Group market leader in the chemical sector in Portugal.

We want to know your talent and how you can help us achieve our goals. Are you ready? We’ll be waiting for you.



Employment / Job Opportunities

Do you identify with the profile of the RNM Group? Would you like to join our team of collaborators? Access to the job opportunities that we have and send us your application.

Spontaneous application

We are a dynamic and motivated team interested in meeting new talents to help us work daily towards sustainable solutions for the chemical industry. Would you like to join our group? Send us your resume / CV and register your application. We will review your resume / CV and contact you, if included in any opportunity that the Group possesses. 

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Agreements with universities

As part of the ongoing commitment to innovation and development of solutions that add customer value and potentiate the group's competitiveness, RNM has developed internships integration protocols with the Minho University and the Engineering Institute of Porto.

Under this partnership students integrated in the RNM group are allowed to develop new projects in the laboratory facilities available and all means and technical support for the introduction of differentiated research solutions.

For the RNM Group, betting on new talent reflects the investment in innovative solutions for continuous improvement.

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